Squalane Oil


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Bioidentical to the moisture found in human skin, Squalane is great for all skin types. It is lightweight and instantly hydrates for healthy nourished skin.

Apply a couple of drops morning and night as a last step.

For extra moisture, apply squalane and a moisturizer together. You can play around with the best way to use the two together for your skin. Sometimes it’s nice to mix the oil into your moisturizer, but you may want to apply it before or after instead.

100% Vegan Squalane Derived From Sugarcane

Size: 2.5 oz | Vegan | Cruelty-free | Fragrance-free

It’s Easy To Love

It’s Easy To Love

Seal In Moisture


Target Concerns
Dry Skin,Disrupted Skin Barrier, Dehydration, Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Irritated Skin.

Suitable For
Everyone! Especially good for oily and combination skin types.

Key Ingredients
100% vegan sugarcane-derived squalane oil



Non-comedogenic and bioidentical to that found in human skin, this vegan Squalane is perfect for protecting against dry and dehydrated skin as well as enviromental pollutants.

Good For All Skin Types

Fast absorbing and non-greasy. Perfect for  all skin types.

Promotes a Healthier Skin Barrier

Squalane can help your other serums and treatments penetrate the skin and work more effectively while promoting better microbiome diversity. 

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