Here’s How To Use Lip Scrub!

Your lips age the fastest, so it is important to take care of them! Obviously part of that means drinking water and using a high quality lip balm to help moisturize the lips. But another crutial element to taking care of the lips is using a lip scrub.

Lip scrub helps to exfoliat away dead skin so that your balms, serums and masks absorb into the skin  and actually work!

The process of scrubing off the dead skin is known as exfoliating, and it’s a process we use on pretty much every part of our body. 

The difference in the lip region is that we want to use proucts specifically designed to be used near the mouth. But also, products desined for use on the thin and vulnerable lip skin. 

To use a sugar based lip scrub, moisten your lips. take a small amount of scrub.  You should use a clean scoop in your pot so you don’t contaiminate all the lip scrub with your fingers.

Spread the scrub on your lips.  Then, using one finger gently rub the scrub in circular motions to get rid of dead skin.  Typically 30 seconds will do, or until the scrub has melted away.  Rinse off  (or lick off if edible) remaining scrub and you’re fast on your way to hydrated, soft and smooth lips!